Quitting a job is awkward.
Finding an ideal job is tough.

GoodTerms helps you leave your job on good terms by connecting you to qualified replacement.

If you are looking for a job, use GoodTerms to get referral to jobs not listed anywhere else.

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GoodTerms is a Smarter Recruiting Platform

GoodTerms jobs are unique. Find positions still held by our users and not listed anywhere else.

Get referred to your next job. Connect with the resigning employee to have the best shot at getting hired.

No more burnt bridges. Do yourself a favor by finding your replacement and leave on good terms.

Save time, money, and effort. For business owners, find replacements fast at a fraction of the costs.

How it works


Resigning employee completes the job description to anonymously list the position they are leaving. Job seeker completes a short bio of their experience.


Job seekers may click "I'm interested" on a job listing, this will notify the resigning employee and allow them to view the short bio of the job seeker.


Resigning employee can decide to engage or reject based on the job seeker's work experience. Once they choose to engage, they will receive each others' email.


They may now inquire about the job in private. If all goes well, the resigning employee will have replacements ready when they leave, and the job seeker gets an early bird insider referral!

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 Seeking Replacement  Seeded Profile
Job of User#35551 at a Startup
Palo Alto, CA, USA
Closest to Ramona St.
DevOps, Rust, WebAssembly Senior
January 01, 2020
 Seeking Replacement
Job of User#38211 at a Corporation or Chain
Basel, Switzerland, Switzerland
Closest to St. Gallen, Switzerland.
Back End, java, php Senior
 Seeking Replacement  Seeded Profile
Job of User#36207 at a Startup
San Fransisco, CA, USA
Closest to Kansas St.
DevOps, AWS, Terraform, Packer, Kubernetes Senior
January 01, 2020
 Seeking Replacement  Seeded Profile
Job of User#34901 at a Startup
San Fransisco, CA, USA
Closest to 201 3rd St.
Mobile, Android, Java, Kotlin 3+ yrs
January 01, 2020
 Seeking Replacement  Seeded Profile
Job of User#34257 at a Startup
San Francisco, CA, USA
Closest to 201 3rd St.
Mobile, iOS, Objective-C, Swift Entry
January 01, 2020