Some frequently asked questions about GoodTerms.

Will my boss find out I'm quitting?

Don't worry, your job listing is totally anonymous. We keep your name and contact information private.

What if my replacement didn't get hired?

Well, landing a job is never easy, but you did provide them with the best shot at it. Ultimately, it is up to the job seeker to land that job.

What if I didn't like my workplace? Will my replacement hate it as well?

Do your best to be honest and unbiased when talking to the job seeker about your job, ultimately they will decide if the job is a good fit for them. We are all different and what didn't work for you might work for them.

Why should I make the extra effort? Isn't two weeks notice enough?

For most of business owners and managers, two weeks notice is the minimum that they expect. Referring replacements to them when you leave, gives them the reason to make the extra effort for you as well; it could be a great reference for your next job, welcome arms if you decide to come back, or just good karma.

Why can't I apply to any more interested jobs today?

We have set the limit to twice a day to protect users from spam. So choose only the ones you are really interested in! We do offer extra interests here.

I love the idea and want to support you, please take my money!

Thank you but we don't take donations at this time, we offer extra interests and premium features if you want to support us here.

Can I get my listing promoted? I want to find a replacement sooner.

Yes you can. We will offer premium featured listings for a monthly subscription here.